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Proxy1Media Case Studies, Client Solutions & Feedback

  Proxy1Media’s PPC Team Works Miracles in first 30days of New Adwords Account:
  Generating  almost 4 x the Leads at the same time
Cutting the Cost Per Acquisition/Lead
(CPA) in more than half

Proxy1Media's PPC team Helps Local Auto Reseller Remain an industry leader on Google.
1st 30 Day Achievements:
  • The cost per conversion/cost per lead has decreased to less than half of what it was in the immediate period prior to Proxy1’s PPC Team taking over the campaign.

  • The conversions/leads per day have increased in spite of the PPC budget/day being reduced by more than half.

  • The campaign has been made more specific i.e. the keywords and ad copies have made more specific to attract the nature of leads that the client requires
Time Period
Conversions/Day in PPC Campaigns
Spend/Day in PPC Campaigns
October(Oct 1 to 21 Oct)
October(Oct 21 to 20 Nov)
BEFORE P1M October 1st 2011 – Oct 21st
AFTER P1M Oct 21st  2011 – Nov 20th

Steps launched to improve Quality of conversions:

  • The campaigns and ad groups were restructured. Keywords were properly organized. Split AB testing between different ad copies was set up at ad group level.

  • New Ad Copies and Keywords were introduced in the Ad Words campaign  to improve the quality of leads. From business perspective, preference is for a 2000 and up year car seller. “wrecked, damaged, nice, used, nearly new cars” are the leads that are client’s top preference.

  • Geo targeted campaigns were set up to specifically target the relatively better performing states.

  • The Google Analytics tracking was implemented with proper goal tracking so that the performance of PPC traffic on the website could be closely monitored.

  • Historical Google AdWords and Google Analytics data for the clients other websites was carefully reviewed. This exercise revealed new keywords which could be included in the ad words campaign for current site.
  Specific Client Feedback Here

Case Study - 2 Growing an Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) Account / Cost-Per-Lead Dropped 68%

The particular Proxy1Media Case Study is from a client we care to keep confidential, but will share their account success in terms of growth, spend and conversions. This particular account is one of many we are managing for our “Finance Client” that has done very well. Without even looking at where or what the conversion is – we will simply look at account growth (Spend) and overall cost per Conversion/Lead.

Have a look for yourself:

Ad Costs per mo
Cost Per Lead
 When we started

90% of our Pay-Per-Click Accounts come from Clients that have had prior PPC Managers or Agencies that failed miserably. PPC has a notorious “Bad Rap” for not being productive in the Search Engine Marketing Realm when, in actually, it is the number one “Vehicle” for many industries that converts to clients. It’s fair to say this client is Ecstatically Happy with our Current PPC management and will remain a long-lasting, profitable client!

Proxy1Media Client

Case Study - 3 Complete Re-Branding Package for Beach Environmental.

This client was not getting the "Conversions/Leads" they deserved from Being on the First Page of Google for their key words. We noticed immediately that their website was out-dated, not properly coded/set up to Inform/Persuade/Remind Potential Clients on why they needed to choose Beach Environmental for all their pest control needs.
Project "Re-Brand" Included:
Website Redesign based on current company objectives & future marketplace needs.
Internal Branding of Company Invoices, Business Cards, Flyers and website pdf files.
New Craigs List account and "Ready-Made" HTML images to pull Craig's List Traffic to site.
Additional Domain Names for niche business & design to "rank in Google" & for Radio Ads.
Complete Market Analysis of Local & National on-line "Search" Competition.
Aggressive Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) Campaign pushing Niche/key word-driven ads.
Strategic forecasting for an aggressive Social Media Marketing Campaign because of their industry and its proximity to the general public.


Company Branding in Boca Raton

Case Study - 1 Market Research to New Product Launch for Online Dating Service.

Research / Branding / Design / Marketing & Advertising for New Company Division

The owners of a West Pam Beach Background Service Came to us looking for help creating a new division in their organization to help break into the lucrative business of on-line dating. They had little experience in this vertical, but knew the industry very well and knew that their current services were perfect for this market.
Proxy1Media broke down their business model, researched the current Internet "Search" providing an accurate estimate of the number of people typing in certain "key word"-related searches that would benefit them through direct advertising, affiliate promotions and link-share partnerships.
From The Ground Up, Proxy1Media took weeks educating the firm from the proper choice of Domain Names to how to strategically promote certain banner & text ads on the 1st page of Google and through Google's Content Network - reaching some thousands of related businesses to convert to sales. We were given a budget that was short of what most companies would spend on a single website. With this budget we opened up over 5 direct channels of partnerships, launched Local and National Ad Campaigns on Google, Set up and Marketed many Social Media Marketing Profiles including running ads and networking algorithms to automatically generate friends and related businesses. Listed below are some of the specific Platforms, Commercials, Social Media Profiles, Landing Pages and Marketing that were produced. We did not charge MMC for over 60hrs of Search Engine Marketing Consulting Service because we partnered with them on a revenue sharing basis. Stay tuned to hear about the success of this campaign...


Complete Marketing Campaign of New Company Division for Dating Service
* New Company Brand & Logos/over 60 hrs of market research on competitors & revenue streams
* New Action Script / Voice-Driven Landing Page (Existing Division) for Immediate Sales.
* New Action Script / Voice-Driven Landing Page (New Division) for Immediate Sales.
* Aggressive Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Set Up, Driven By Key-Words for Industry & Competitors.
* Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) Google's Local CITY Submission (here)
* Re-Do of Original Website Placement Tags for Search Engine Optimization
* Aggressive Social Network Marketing Package for New Division Here: MySpace | LinkedIn | Squidoo
* Ad Buying & Management on Top Search Engines & Relevant Affiliates Like Plenty of Fish and
* New Google Account for eCommerce (direct website sales) Selling and Invoicing
* Multiple Flash Banners For Advertising on Dating Sites for New Division

  Complete Company Branding in Boca Raton
New Logo / Commercial Landing-Page & Banner Ads
Banner Advertising in Boca Raton

Proxy1Media is a very flexible Search Engine Advertising, Promotion & Consulting company. We pride ourselves on our experience, our service & our pricing. We welcome you to shop our services for you Will Not Find Better Pricing or Service elsewhere. We Guarantee it! We can arrange payments or programs according to your budget. We are professionals and take our industry & customers very seriously. Thank you for taking your time to read some of our Client Testimonials.

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